About Me

I think I’m a simple creature but have been told otherwise. I live my life as if every day could be my last. I try to learn something new everyday and smile as much as I can. I have a soft spot for truly intelligent individuals and my group of friends could be best described as eclectic. I adore good food, thought provoking debate and all things scientific. Lastly, I do so love to laugh. Make me laugh and I would move mountains to keep you in my circle. My greatest love is my daughter and my kick ass pug Biskit. This blog is my therapy. My hope is that in sharing my thoughts, It may resonate with others and maybe, just maybe, connections will be made.





  1. Kelly Dohan
    June 11

    LOVE reading your articles! You are one talented and awesome lady!! Had a smile on my face the whole time!! xoxo

    • December 16

      Why thank you Shawn, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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