I guess 13 really isn’t lucky…or is it?


After 13 years with an IT Research firm, I was informed that I could start all over again in another department with very specific, untenable metrics or leave. I had 12 top performance years ( I have the hardware to prove this) and one bad one. I decided I had given enough and that it was time to leave. I wish them all the best and hope they figure things out, it’s a great product that has helped so many over the years.

I have always poured my heart and soul into work, what now? Who am I outside of my job description? My friends held great concerns when they heard the news. I actually walked out the door with a smile on my face. I felt as if an anvil had been lifted from my chest. Had you asked me how I would react a year ago, I think I would have said I will cry but I didn’t! I had a shit-eatin grin pasted to my face as I left that iconic building for the last time. It kinda felt like a break-up with someone who didn’t love you anymore. It took me some time because I am ridiculously loyal but now I have clarity. We are all replaceable, at least at that company.

I am at a point in my life that excites me tremendously. I have paired down so much that I have the luxury of taking time to decide what to do next. Something that has excited me is the prospect of teaching sales professionals how to cultivate amazing skills, not the old school bullshit of stalking prospects and getting lucky, but of making real connections with other ‘human beings’, finding out what is hard for them and crafting a recommendation that you would be proud to present to your parents. I want to work with a Company that I will be passionate about, a company that is awesome because they truly value people; internally and externally. A company that doesn’t think their Employees or Customers are replaceable  I want to find a place that from the top down are open to a better approach, a company that would never say ‘sell me this pen’. Or glorify ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. I believe that such a place exists. I have time to find it.

In the mean time, I have enjoyed discovering new hoods. I have revisited many classics, in the park . I have also discovered the beauty of napping, meditating and last but not least the art of being a humanBeing not a humanDoing. I am very, very, content. 13 is still my favorite number.

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I am a mother of a brilliant 25 year old daughter and an 12 year old pug named Biskit. I have a very successful career in IT Research Sales and even after 11 years, I still love my clients and the firm. I LOVE preparing amazing food for my nearest and dearest. I truly believe that hugs, homemade cookies and laughter can cure a crappy day but sometimes, a session at a rifle range, followed by a shitload of alcohol can be equally therapeutic. I’m a sweet top performer with a dark side.

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