Learning to Code…pass the Tequila

I find myself in a room of women of all ages, races and such. We are here to learn the basics of Python. Canada Learning Code is the Institution administering this workshop. In principle, I think it’s a wonderful idea, I have always wanted to better understand code.


Woot! so excited to get started! I am looking forward to impressing my daughter at Christmas. I can do this. I know that Math has never been my thing but I love language. It is such a beautiful space, there is a decent amount of mentors. Everyone speaks at a level that I can hear them.

Okay, first break…still excited. Trying hard to keep up. I have this scary feeling that if I fall behind, I may not be able to catch-up.

Lunch is lovely. Great big green Salad with Tofu. My head is spinning and I am starting to think I may not be intelligent enough to keep pace. I put my fears aside and join a girl from Russia and a lady from Paris; they are such lovely women! The conversation is warm. I’m trying to see if I might be able to re-group and keep up this afternoon. I think If I survive this experience, I may get myself a bottle of Tequila.

What is hopeful is that I don’t appear to be the only person who is lost. I see the familiar look of “oh fuck, I am so not getting this”. The other half of the class must have previous programming experience as they look bored AF.

The mentors are lovely and trying so hard to help the class keep up, they have given up on me and I am incredibly grateful!

The lovely Workshop Instructor seems frustrated as there are multiple conversations taking place between attendees and mentors. I feel for her and have been pretending to be following along. I haven’t a fucking clue what she is talking about at this point. I lost the ability to keep pace 2 hours ago. The more time elapses, the more frustrated our Instructor becomes. It must be hard for her to administer this training which is so far beneath her.


I totally think Canada Learning Code is a great idea but not for me. I learned so much more from Code Academy. I could stop and replay the video without holding anyone up. I guess at my age, I’m just not fast enough for this type of learning environment.

I think I will stick with HTML as I am so beyond confused at this point. I want to escape but I don’t want to be rude. . I think without all of the noise, and the ability to go back to the start and not feel the pressure to keep up, I may actually enjoy coding.

I guess I will simply suck up the $64.69 investment. I have spent more than that on Yorkville lunches. I have also gained an important bit of insight into how I learn. On line is the way for me.

After a few “lick my wounds shot’s of Tequila” I will recover my pride and try again. I will try in my own room, at my own pace. I will figure this out, slowly but surely.

To coders everywhere, I have such respect!

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